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Issue 9 - March 2023

Issue 8 - February 2023

Issue 7 - January 2023

Issue 6 - December 2022

Issue 5 - November 2022

Issue 4 - October 2022

Issue 3 - September 2022

Issue 2 - August 2022

Issue 1 - July 2022


The content can range from notice of awards, notice of new publications, notice of funding successes or upcoming funding opportunities, updates on recent imaging conferences or announcement of upcoming conferences or workshops, opening or closing of imaging facilities, new hiring/recruitment opportunities or retirements of imaging staff, Industrial partner events, local imaging training opportunities, seminars, developing news that affect biomedical imaging in general, etc. We plan to release a newsletter monthly on the first of every month. The date range for inclusion should be events within the past month (this first newsletter in a while stretches a bit further) or upcoming events within the next 1-2 month. Currently, we do not have BIRC newsletter journalists prospectively seeking news stories, so we rely on you, BIRC members, to keep us, the community and our leaders up to date. We will also do our best to include links to your webpages and Twitter feeds to direct readers toward resources that provide more detailed imaging stories


Advertisements can consist of a single image of a predefined size (quarter page, half page, full page) with a single associated web link. The image could be a gif but currently no video embedding is available.