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Industry-Sponsored Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

Lawson Health Research Institute (London, Ontario) in association with Siemens Healthcare Limited are offering a two-year Post-Doctoral Fellowship (PDF) to implement a novel approach for empirical determination of hardware attenuation correction maps using the Siemens Biograph mMR PET/MRI scanner. The method originally developed by Dr. Farag has been shown to provide superior accuracy arising from use of 511keV photons for the measurement. This postdoctoral fellow will be supervised jointly by Dr. Théberge and Dr. Farag. In this work, the candidate would implement an online hardware attenuation technique that uses standard equipment available with the PET/MRI scanner (calibration rod, and the PET detector system) to compute an empirical hardware attenuation using software that runs within the scanner environment. This will greatly simplify the process of hardware attenuation correction for the users avoids the dependence on CT scans of traditional hardware attenuation mapping. By not relying on offline attenuation map computations, this work enables new, dramatically hastened, PET/MRI hardware development paths where hardware could be modified iteratively and attenuation maps computed within the same scanning session. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Dr. Théberge via email at . The position can start anytime this fall semester 2023 or winter semester 2024.

Location: London, ON
Job Type: Postdoctoral Fellow