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This series of images shows how PET/MRI can be used after a heart attack to visualise the infarct area and inflammation therein. The first image is a T1 map which is used to determine the infarcted area. The next is a PET image, showing inflammation and then the two are overlaid to show how the inflamed area overlaps with MR. The second row of images shows another MR image, then a PET image  which demonstrates decreased blood flow in an area of the heart. Lastly, the two are overlaid to show that the decreased blood flow is in the same area as the infarct and the inflammation.Image courtesy of Benjamin Wilk.

PDF In Cardiac Hybrid PET/MRI (Siemens MMR) In London Canada

Lawson Health Research Institute in association with Multi-Magnetics Inc (MMI) 
Location: London, Ontario, Canada 
Job Type: Postdoctoral Fellowship
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