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Application FormA glucose hypometabolic brain region (suspected seizure site) is seen in an FDG-PET image of one epilepsy patient. Diffusion tractography is then used to track surrounding white matter fiber pathways in the brain.Image courtesy of S. Poirier.

We invite Western faculty, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students involved in the discovery and development of innovative imaging techniques and instrumentation to apply for membership in BIRC. Western faculty may apply for full membership ($200/year), research collaborators may apply for associate membership ($100/year), and post-doctoral-fellows and graduate students may apply for free trainee-membership.

To apply please send a completed fillable application form to

Head segmented from MRI          NEW_Cruje_MurineHepaticVessels---Charmainne-Cruje.png         Image of augmented reality training application for ultrasound-guided renal needle insertion.       Images courtesy of D. Cohen, C. Cruje, & Y. Mu (left to right, respectively).